Unnamed performance

2018 - Delegated Performance

As part of the “Democracy Anew?” exhibition in the PinchukArtCentre (Kyiv, Ukraine), there was a night of performance, in which I was proposed to communicate with the media installation “Typhoon coming on” by Sondra Perry. Due to the fact that the installation was absolutely immersive - i was thinking about the possibilities of dialog. I understood that in this case it makes sense to create a concept of ideal performance. I created instructions to a random performer who was ready to interact following my instructions: try to make sure that the media installation does not become the background for your performance, but at the same time your performance shouldn't be dissolved in the space of the room with a total installation. The institution selected a performer, to whom I’ve sent email with instructions. The performer followed the instructions, the mediator distributed the copies of the letter. The author wasn’t present at the performance and never ever seen the performer after. Documentation by Yehor Antsyhin