2017 - animation, video, found footage

The work is made of videos designed for wedding films. Angels, hearts, roses - all this 3d graphics created specifically for wedding videos in the early 2000's which was used as a design, an extra entourage for wedding films to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Working with kitsch implies the presence of artist’s irony. In this case I tried to go over this line and make the film completely unfunny. However, it is impossible to run away from irony. It works as a filter when we try to talk about such things as "love" or "beauty" where the first is represented as vulgarity and the second is perceived the best in inversed form. “Nihelious" - a film about nihilism. "Ious" is a Latin derivative of the suffix, which forms adjectives, which indicate completeness, the highest degree of designated quality (in this case, nihilism).

Archetypal characters are woven and encrypted in the film flow but by and large they have no meaning. Their sense was killed by nihilist of the past, ironically adopted by nihilist of the present. Instead a new aesthetics seems to me as a symptom of decadence, helplessness, where the strongest thing a person can do is to joke, to be witty.