Slavutych hospital

VR installation 2021

The project is in the exposition of the Slavutych Art Museum and is the result of cooperation with the management of the city hospital - the location I chose to implement my work. Implemented within the framework of "VR open format art residence" for the program "Slavutych - a small cultural capital". After the closure of the nuclear power plant, the city of Slavutych lost its "main meaning" - to be a satellite. Despite its recent emergence, from the position of an agent of industrialization, the "youth" of the city is officially over - here the age is calculated by years of ability to work. Now the scale of Soviet architecture contrasts with the emptiness of its interiors. The decline in population had a significant impact on the medical town of Slavutych (closure of the maternity hospital, reduction of wards, etc.). However, there are people who are ready to take an active position in the existing realities: to optimize the work of structures, to make plans for the future in the absence of "main meaning". The city needs a new meaning, and it is obviously post-industrial. In its space, the Soviet mythological construct of the "youngest city" supported by the ghostly Atlanteans of the fading empire meets and interacts with the "real" life of a small city with its daily needs. Understanding my project as a post-industrial agent, I decided to shed light on the voices of the future breaking through the magical darkness of empty but still supported mythological constructs that may not be as illusory as we would like.