When It Happened

2016 - video installation

The work researches a model of human communication built on masculinity principles and including an hierarchical structure. Hierarchy is an established form of relationships, a concept which can project on any aspects of reality. It applies to society with its various institutions, politics and religion.

The project asks the question of where’s the boundary between the personal space of one individual and another, and at which moment of interaction personal turns into public and when distinctive entity transforms to an object and a functional social unit.

The project is a two-channel video installation, performance documentation.

Video one. Public show. Four people sitting in a row in black space. The feets are stepping on their heads. When the feets pass, the picture changes smoothly. One person disappears from the row, and another appears on its place, and again the new feets step over their heads. The guys are taking turns to step on each other's heads. Fragment:


Video two. Behind the curtain. Wide shot where the viewer sees the entire location (gymnastic hall), cameraman, director, and four guys sitting on a bench, on the heads of which the fifth one walks, leaning his body on the horizontal bar above the guys.


Since the viewer meets the first video, he doesn’t know the technical details of the shooting. The next video destroys the mystical effect telling almost everything about the work. But anyway the guys do the same things on both videos. It says about certain system of hierarchies which cannot be destroyed by disclosing the mythological component.