At the projector!

2020/Now - moving image/video installation

Information warfare, like post-truth, is today a very dangerous weapon and a tool of manipulation. As a cinematographer, I claim that the media have long ago become a new modality of cinema. Along with dreams, memories, real-time - the boundaries of which have been blurring since the days of Italian neorealism. Imagine the evening, the shabby empty corridors of a once pompous building. The medium-sized room. There are two people in the room. A hypnosis session is going on. A man looks at the ceiling, speaking words. The projector, the screen. Now we look at it on the movie screen. It turns out the session is being watched. An observer is in the same room watching the screen - he is watching a movie about hypnosis. Again the projector and the screen. A portrait of an observer appears on the movie screen - it turns out that he is also a part of the movie. Further the couple enters the room and they came to voiceover their roles in the movie. Thereby a new scene begins in the same room. The question is when the scene happens? Did the couple come the next day, or is it the next movie being shown on the screen in the room right now? These people look at their silent faces on the screen and add sound to them. New people appear on the screen, new scenes take place. The corridors are still empty and shabby.